Eutopia is a leader in providing a safe alternative for teenagers to come and spend idol time, vent pinned up stress and develop latent talents, in a positive environment. We take pride in offering the best facility for developing teenagers. Eutopia has been researching the needs of teenagers since 1984. We have traveled across the United States conducting surveys, to find out exactly what teenagers feel would be the ideal place for them to feel safe, have fun and develop their latent talents. 

Eutopia teaches teens to problem solve in different situations, to eliminated violence. The teens will learn lower level management skills, blue collar skills, and white collar skills. Eutopia has been in concept since 1984 as Teen Pup Tent. The name Teen Pup Tent was changed to Eutopia as a result of surveys conducted with over 1,000,000 teenagers across the United States between 2000 & 2009. For more Information and to subscribe to our weekly newsletter​ Email us at:, to stay up-to-date on what we're doing next.

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​      Richard Henry 932 Bluegrass Lane Plano, Il 60545
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Our mission is to provide a safe place for teens to
come and spend idol time, vent pinned up stress, and develop latent talents in a positive atmosphere. Essentially, we want to act as a liaison to help teens cope and deal with problems and stress without the use of violence.

​Our vision is to build Eutopia Teen Resort in every major city in the United States, and become a
global force in the world. We want to help in the fight to solve teen issues so that teenagers can grow, and thrive in a positive environment, and receive the tools needed to reach their full potential adding to the growth of the world. 
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