Eutopia is a for profit teen hospitality center that provides recreation, entertainment, and training for teens between the ages of 14-20. This facility provides another alternative to street life. Eutopia would provide job training and jobs for teenagers between the ages of 14-20. 

The Concept for  Eutopia was developed in Charleston Missouri, in October of 1995. In January  of 1996, the research and development team conducted several experiments to get a feel from the teenagers on the concept. In June of 1996, Eutopia relocated to Aurora Illinois, and devised a strategic plan, to host several venues over a two year period. The Owner Richard Henry invested  a total of $1,200,000 into the research & development of Eutopia, and on October 31, 1996 Eutopia; DBA Teen Pup Tent, hosted a Halloween costume party. The facility could only accommodate 1,500 teenagers and some 7,000 teenagers attended the event dressed in costume.  

Eutopia has hosted several experimental events to gain a response from the teens. During this time we hosted a talent show, several dance parties, and an ice cream social. Eutopia had over 2,000 teens in attendance on each occasion. Our experimental stage consisted of, Eutopia successfully producing, marketing and selling CDs for the rap duo Maury Clay in Musicland and Sam Goodie. We provided a safe place for young teens to spend their time, and develop their talents in a positive environment.  

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